It all began more out of a pressing necessity than anything else, but soon took a surprising turn down the road!

SKINES Online is the brainchild of award-winning fashion designer Gina Kim. SKINES Body Tape, her flagship offering, was born as Gina witnessed firsthand the exacting and exasperating medical journey her fiancé, Matthew Youn, took to treat the constant pains in his neck and shoulder joints.

With the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world and the remote work becoming the new normal, Matthew Youn was one of the several million who was forced to work from home. Shackled to his desk for 12-14 hours every day, he worked to overcome the challenge of sustaining his businesses in a slowing economy.

This new sedentary lifestyle soon took a toll on his body. Relentless pains in his neck and shoulder joints appeared. These aches started as mild and frequent and gradually turned into severe and persistent. Traditional treatments did little to ease his pain. Remedial massages, acupressure, chiropractic treatment – nothing offered a permanent solution. He would feel fine for a while, but his neck pain and shoulder aches would invariable come back.

It all changed when his physiotherapist applied a kinesiology tape to the affected areas.

Matthew and Gina weren’t convinced about the efficacy of the treatment at first, but the tape ploughed through their scepticism within only a few days! The pain was gradually losing its intensity, and he also noticed a drastic reduction in the swelling.

Being a fashion designer with a keen sense of entrepreneurship, this had Gina thinking!

If kinesiology tapes can help Matthew, they can undoubtedly help several others. An idea for a brand-new product began to form in her mind. Days of researching on the benefits of kinesiology tapes revealed something even more astonishing. Kinesiology tapes have many health applications in daily routines and can be used as a remedial treatment as well as a preventive measure.

It also turned out that kinesiology tapes are rapidly gaining popularity in women’s fashion as breast tapes. She was now convinced that a kinesiology tape could certainly help people with muscle and joints related issues and radically improve their daily lives. The breast lift function was a bonus, so why not also adjust body tapes to serve fashion purposes?

This is how SKINES was born.

Gina Kim drew upon her ‘hands-on experiences’ with premium cotton from her time in the fashion industry. Months of extensive research later, she launched a brand-new and one-of-a-kind kinesiology tape called SKINES Body Tape. By making the tape from the highest quality therapeutic cotton and combining it with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer, she ensured that the tape is skin-friendly and is rated for extensive wear.

During her preliminary research, Gina also found that the medical practitioners often don’t have the time to cut the tape to treat the affected areas properly and effectively. So, she decided to offer this tape in the form of pre-cut strips and pre-cut rolls for a quick and hassle-free application and optimum effectiveness.

We create our products with care and the very best intention. From the development and design process to packing and shipping, we care deeply about the choices we make. Care and love are at the centre of our every action.